Materials for CP students (macrofaculty)

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Course regulations

 CP Course Regulations
 Points to score in 3rd semester


 Lecture 1: Introduction and not object oriented C++ extensions
 Lecture 2: OOP, object, class
 Lecture 3: Constructor, destructor
 Lecture 4: this, friend and operators
 Lecture 5: static, const and volatile
 Lecture 6: Inheritance
 Lecture 7: Virtual methods
 Lecture 8: Multiple inheritance
 Lecture 9: Templates
 Lecture 10: Exceptions
 Lecture 11: I/O streams
 Lecture 12: Some examples
    example (repetition est mater studiorum)
    example on explicit destructor call
    example on reinterpret_cast<>()
Lecture 13: STL overview examples(EN) przyklady(PL)
Lecture 14: strings  examples(EN) przyklady(PL)
Lecture 15: STL overview part 2 examples(EN) przyklady(PL)

Other resources

 Programming languages C (ISO Standard Draft)
 Standard for Programming Language C++ (ISO Working Draft)