This webpage has been built on a temporary basis and is mainly designed for submission OWL-CTXMATCH results for OAEI 2006 contest. The author of the submission is Sławomir Niedbała (e-mail: Slawomir[dot]Niedbala[at]polsl[dot]pl). Below is a list of files that makes up the submission:

Information about results

The "OWL-CtxMatch.zip" consists of three directories that correspond with three different tests: benchmark, directory and conference. Although OWL-CTXMATCH is able to recognize several kinds of relations, in all test cases provided results have been limited only to the equivalence relation.

The benchmark tests were performed for all available ontologies except for ontology #102. However, since the algorithm filters out external OWL entities on the basis of the given ontology URI, official URIs for the tests #302 and #303 were: "http://ebiquity.umbc.edu/v2.1/ontology/publication.owl" and "http://www.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/ontology". Obviously in practice in these tests there were used locally cached files: "/benchmarks/302/onto.rdf" and "/benchmarks/303/onto.rdf".

The directory tests were performed for all available pair of ontologies. Their official URIs were automatically generated from the base URIs: "http://matching.com/source/" and "http://matching.com/target/" extended with appropriate number of the current pair of ontologies.

The conference tests are slightly incomplete since OWL-CTXMATCH could not do reasoning with some ontologies. Two of them ("confious.owl" and "OpenConf.owl") were in OWL Full, that is in the language that is not handled by the algorithm. However one of the ontologies ("iasted.owl") that was in OWL DL also turned out to be too complicated for the algorithm. In case of all the ontologies OWL-CTXMATCH had to obtain the base URIs ("http://www.owl-ontologies.com/unnamed.owl") by itself after the relevant ontologies had been loaded into the memory from local cache.

Information about implementation

The OWL-CTXMATCH application is a Java 5-compliant implementation of the OWL-CTXMATCH algorithm. Beside the Java platform it requires additional libraries and external data source that is WordNet 2.0. WordNet should be installed (unpacked) on the system so the appropriate Java library could access its data files. Here is the list of modules/libraries/files of whose the application consists:

Since it is critical for application to have its libraries in the right subdirectories, below is a summary of the proper disk structure (Windows notation): The jwnl_properties.xml and OWL-CtxMatch.xml are XML-compliant configuration files required by JWNL and OWL-CTXMATCH respectively. In the first one there is a path to the WordNet dictionary directory among other things. This path defined by the value of the attribute value of the element param whose other attribute called name is equal to dictionary_path. In other words, the path of this element in the XML structure is: /jwnl_properties/dictionary/param[@name='dictionary_path']. The second configuration file stores OAEI 2006 test settings and can be modified by the means of GUI provided by the application. Therefore there is no need for changing its contents by hand. However this file must exist and contains at least of <OWL-CtxMatch> element.

In the OWL-CtxMatch_OAEI2006Edition.zip archive there are configuration files that were defined assuming that there exists the following data structure: To be completed...