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Why should I use DSRC? There are a few other specialized FASTQ compressors.

Yes, and some of them can even offer slightly better compression, but:

  • DSRC is fast (more than 100 Mbytes/s on a modern PC, both in compression and decompression),
  • DSRC has no dependencies, e.g., some programs employ 3rd party software like Bowtie, which of course makes them slow,
  • DSRC is lossless, i.e., it preserves all quality values and does not change read ordering,
  • DSRC supports (optionally) quality reduction according to Illumina bining,
  • DSRC archives can be easily handled and created in C++ and Python programs.

Will DSRC remain free?

Versions 0.x, 1.x, 2.x are and will be free. Versions 3.x and above will be free for personal, academic, and reserach purposes. The status for commercial purposes will be considered.

I have found a bug in DSRC. What should I do?

Please tell us about the bug in an e-mail sent to:

What should I do to compile the source codes for other operating systems and/or with other compilers

  1. Update makefile and/or Visual Studio projects as necessary.
  2. Make proper defines in defs.h file.

What about binary format of DSRC 2.x archives?

Due to huge improvements in DSRC we had to change the binary format used in DSRC 2.x, so it is different than in DSRC 1.x. We, however, plan to keep this format unchaged in all 2.x releases.